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Press Ganey is leading the movement to help providers deliver safe, high quality, patient-centered care. Barclays is helping to enable the company's mission and growth.

An idea that sparked an industry

Over 30 years ago, Press Ganey was founded with a mission to help improve the healthcare experience by answering two critical questions. What if providers could gain a deep understanding of patients’ needs, both clinical and non-clinical? And what if those insights could be consistently and scientifically measured to drive continual improvement?

Press Ganey is able to provide a very clear view of what the patient is experiencing.
Claire Pearson, Director, Healthcare Banking, Barclays

This was the idea behind the business founded by two Notre Dame professors, Dr. Press and Dr. Ganey.

Today, Press Ganey is leading the industry in helping healthcare clients transform the patient experience and create continuous, sustainable improvement through data and insights.

Its journey has encompassed a series of innovative strategic decisions as well as access to capital. And that’s where Barclays comes in.

A healthy partnership

Barclays has worked with Press Ganey for many years as the company has evolved. “What separates Barclays from the pack is they really understand our business and our mission,” says Patrick Ryan. “As we think about growing and innovating, they're side by side with us, sharing ideas and concepts from their overall view of the healthcare sector and financial markets.”

It starts with a trusted, professional, transparent, advisory relationship. And it turns into a partnership.
Rick Landgarten, Global Head of Healthcare Banking, Barclays

Press Ganey has invested several hundred million dollars towards technology and analytics innovations, while also making strategic acquisitions to expand its service offering. To help enable this, Press Ganey has used nearly every financial product that Barclays offers, from access to equity capital markets to M&A to risk management solutions.

As the company continues to expand its influence within healthcare systems across the U.S., Barclays will continue to help them map out their growth strategy for the next three, five and ten years.

A mission to put the patient at the center of care

As Press Ganey has evolved, so has the increasingly sophisticated data analytics needed to aggregate and interpret vast amounts of patient information, as well as caregiver information. “Data really help providers better understand where to pinpoint their improvement efforts.” says Joe Greskoviak, President and COO of Press Ganey. Today, the insights gleaned from this data give Press Ganey’s 33,000 healthcare clients a unique perspective on how their organizations perform.

“When you meet a patient, they are at maybe the worst and most complex period in their life,” says Patrick Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of Press Ganey. Getting patients to “the best clinical outcome is the most critical thing any healthcare provider can do.”

Making an impact across the healthcare continuum

The implications of patient-centered care are exciting. When hospitals use patient experience data to make improvements, it has been shown “to reduce length of stay in a hospital and to reduce nurse turnover,” says Barclays Director of Healthcare Banking, Claire Pearson. “Those things all do contribute to the bottom line.”

We will take quantum leaps towards continuing to center around the patient.
Patrick Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Press Ganey

As people live longer and require different levels of care, Press Ganey will continue to find ways to capture their voices, understand their needs, and help providers meet their needs more effectively. Barclays is committed to being by their side at every step.

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