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VoloAgri: Furthering the future of food with sustainable seeds — and access to capital
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VoloAgri is an innovative, fast-growing company at the intersection of agricultural technology, sustainability, health and wellness. The company uses novel approaches to develop high quality vegetable seeds and produce healthy food while using fewer resources. Barclays cultivated relationships and financing to help ignite the company’s growth.

There is a vital need for innovative solutions to produce greater quantities of healthier and delicious food in a more cost efficient and sustainable way. According to some studies, the food production and distribution system accounts for at least 25% of greenhouse gas emissions1 and agriculture accounts for approximately 70% of freshwater use globally.2

VoloAgri, a global agricultural technology company headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is helping create a more sustainable food system by producing a range of high quality, non-GMO seeds for important vegetable crops globally, including tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

Many of VoloAgri’s seeds reduce farm costs and promote sustainability by making more efficient use of water and fertilizer, increasing resistance to disease, drought and post-harvest spoilage, and creating new varieties of produce for consumers. Additionally, the company’s seeds for greenhouse applications are helping shorten resource-intensive supply chains by facilitating production of vegetables closer to demand in urban areas, resulting in fresher produce with less energy, pesticides, and food waste.

Barclays helped VoloAgri secure the critical funding needed to expand its global footprint and further its research and development capabilities.

VoloAgri uses novel approaches to develop high quality vegetable seeds and produce healthy food while using fewer resources.

VoloAgri uses novel approaches to develop high quality vegetable seeds and produce healthy food while using fewer resources.

VoloAgri’s technology uses non-GMO, precision breeding techniques to develop seeds that are sold in over 50 countries, including regions that are most compromised by a warming planet. VoloAgri works with many local grower groups and seeks input from food retailers to develop customised breeding and technical service programs. This customisation also improves profitability, enhances sustainable efforts, and provides greater choices for consumers.

Barclays provided VoloAgri with access to financing and helped the company with their series C capital raise in excess of $50 million in equity, the business’ largest capital raise to date, in order to fund its next stage of growth.

Anthony Padgett, Founder and CEO - VoloAgri (left), Sandeep Patel, Managing Director - Barclays Investment Bank (middle) and Sandor van Vilet, Founder - Axia (right) tour VoloAgri's facility in San Francisco, CA.

Anthony Padgett, Founder and CEO - VoloAgri (left), Sandeep Patel, Managing Director - Barclays Investment Bank (middle) and Sandor van Vilet, Founder - Axia (right) tour VoloAgri's facility in San Francisco, CA. 

Barclays opened doors for us that we wouldn't have been able to even knock on. They have committed bankers with deep expertise in food and technology, and an unique understanding of how various parts of the value chain interact with each other.
Anthony Padgett, VoloAgri Founder and CEO

This transaction demonstrates Barclays’ commitment to providing financial solutions and leadership to support companies that have a positive environmental and societal impact through the products they develop.

“VoloAgri is a company that is helping create the future of food. They understand that the best way to enhance sustainability is to produce products that create value along the entire chain: new, delicious vegetable varieties that delight consumers and use fewer resources, thereby increasing farmer incomes and driving adoption,” says Sandeep Patel, Managing Director in Investment Banking at Barclays. Access to funding has provided VoloAgri with the ability to invest in new employees, facilities, and laboratories.

The Investment Banking deal team, led by Sandeep Patel and Miles Hinderliter, was recognised by Barclays CEO Jes Staley at the 20th Annual Citizenship Awards earlier this year. The Citizenship Awards recognise and celebrate employees whose contributions are helping Barclays play a positive role in society.

1 Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), 2012

2 AQUASTAT - by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO): Information System on Water and Agriculture


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