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Wherever the world is going, we help Cisco lead

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For Cisco, growing ahead of the curve means constantly seeking what’s next. Barclays helps them stay at the leading-edge of technology by providing ideas for growth and innovation in the form of acquisitions, partnerships and investments across the global technology sector.

Over the past 30 years, Cisco has helped to define “the network”. Today, Cisco's growth and evolution continues to shape how industries, cities and countries digitally adapt amidst rapid change and disruption.

As 50 billion devices come online and connect to each other, how does Cisco stay nimble and zig when others zag?

One answer is having a financial strategy – and partner – that keep Cisco and its 70,000+ employees constantly innovating. Barclays’ longstanding relationship with Cisco has spanned a multitude of partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and other investments, fueling their disruptive force across industries.

To provide the critical financing and strategic advice that powers innovation, Barclays must know the tech world as well as Cisco does. This means having industry experts who understand the key elements of Cisco’s portfolio – cloud computing, security, collaboration, automation, and analytics. It also means keeping an ear to the ground at all times, having relationships with the key players, and advising when the time may be right to enter or exit a market.

Our innovation ecosystem here at Cisco really has always been about being able to build, buy, partner and then increasingly invest in companies, as well as co-develop with our partners like Barclays,
Hilton Romanski, Cisco's Chief Strategy Officer

This forward-thinking approach has contributed to Cisco’s phenomenal growth over the years. The company has completed 170 acquisitions since 1993. They hold over 19,000 patents. Today Cisco does business in over 165 countries.

“What's unique about the relationship with Barclays is that it doesn't always have to result in a deal. The very best ideas come after many tries.” says Romanski. Constant dialogue and a high degree of trust between the two companies are helping to propel Cisco, and the world, into an ever more exciting future.

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Helping Press Ganey grow to give more patients a voice

Press Ganey is leading the movement to help providers deliver safe, high quality, patient-centered care. Barclays is helping to enable the company's mission and growth.

Air Liquide crosses the Atlantic to grow

Air Liquide’s acquisition of Airgas expanded its market in the U.S. overnight, igniting growth and enabling game-changing transatlantic opportunities.

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