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Our events and conferences provide a forum for corporate executives and institutional investors to explore and exchange ideas. Industry experts and thought leaders convene meaningful discussion on the latest market and sector trends driving business and investment opportunities. Below is a selection of our marquee events and conferences.

All conferences are by invitation only to eligible participants. Please speak to your Barclays contact or log in to Barclays Live for more information.

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BAF 2018
Barclays Asia Forum 2018




Distinguished public figures from around the world gathered in Singapore for the 12th annual Barclays Asia Forum.

Global Automotive Conference
14 - 15  November 2018



New York


This year's Global Automotive Conference will feature automakers, suppliers, and other companies at the forefront of the revolution in transportation.

Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference
5 - 6  December 2018


San Francisco

The goal of this year's conference is to provide clients with an opportunity to meet with a diverse set of key players across the TMT landscape to better understand disruptive and evolving trends emerging from the interplay across each of these markets.

Chemical Experts
Chemical Experts Conference 2019
8 - 9 January 2019



New York and Boston

Full day conference in New York City and Boston with industry experts in the chemical field presenting to clients. The conference will feature presentations from leading consultants and will bring together the key chains in commodity and intermediate chemicals. Consultants will cover ethylene/PE, propylene/PP, cl-alkali/PVC and Acetyls/Methanol. Conference will be held in New York City and Boston.

Insurance CIO Conference & Roundtable 2019
23 - 25 January 2019


Palm Beach

The Insurance CIO Conference is targeted to a group of the Firm's top insurance company CIO clients. The conference takes place over two days, containing presentations and roundtables led by Barclays speakers on investment, insurance, and economic topics of primary interest to these clients. 2019 will be the 23rd Anniversary.

Global Healthcare Conference
Global Healthcare Conference 2019
12 - 14 March 2019
Miami Beach

Annual conference featuring presentations, 1:1 meetings and group dinners from leading US and international public companies bringing roughly 190 companies from around the globe presenting at the conference. The presenting speakers will be CEOs from industries including Biotechnology, Healthcare Facilities, Managed Care, Specialty Pharmaceuticals, U.S. Pharmaceuticals Life Science Enabling Tool and Healthcare Distribution.

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