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Our events and conferences provide a forum for corporate executives and institutional investors to explore and exchange ideas. Industry experts and thought leaders convene meaningful discussion on the latest market and sector trends driving business and investment opportunities. Below is a selection of our marquee events and conferences.

All conferences are by invitation only to eligible participants. Please speak to your Barclays contact for more information.

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Barclays Markets Forum
6  June 2017





This summit will bring together economists, strategists, policy-makers and thought-leaders to offer insight for globally-minded investors during a time of unprecedented political and economic uncertainty.

CEO Energy-Power Conference
5 - 7  September 2017



New York


The CEO Energy-Power Conference is the first energy and power conference of the Fall season and will include speakers from all segments of the energy and power industry.

Global Consumer Staples Conference
5 - 7  September 2017





This year's conference will feature presentations by senior management teams from companies across the global consumer staples universe - packaged food, beverages, cosmetics, household products, and tobacco - covering a range of market capitalisations and geographies.

 Global Financial Services Conference
11 - 13  September 2017



New York


The conference will feature presentations by senior management teams from a diverse group of global financial services companies including some of the largest banks, broker-dealers, asset managers, market structure, specialty finance, insurance and real estate companies around the world.

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