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MiFID II Costs & Charges

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This disclosure is for potential clients and clients of the Investment Bank of Barclays Bank PLC, Barclays Capital Securities Limited and Barclays Bank Ireland PLC (together, Barclays, we, our or us). You acknowledge and agree that the information provided in this disclosure does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to make an investment. If you are unclear as to the meaning or effect of any of the disclosures described herein, you should seek independent legal or financial advice. This disclosure should be read in conjunction with any other product specific disclosures or communications provided separately to you, which may highlight costs and associated charges particular to such product or service.


The European Union Directive 2014/65/EU on Markets in Financial lnstruments (MiFID II) requires investment firms (including, for these purposes, credit institutions) to disclose costs and associated charges to clients. MiFID II will be transposed into national law on 3 January 2018.

In accordance with the MiFID II requirement, this document provides information about applicable cost and associated charges in connection with investment services and ancillary services provided by the European operations of Barclays. It is supplemented by Business Specific Appendices with additional information with respect to those business areas.

Scope of obligation

Article 24(4) of MiFID II and Article 50 of MiFID II Delegated Regulation 2017/565 (Delegated Regulation) require that investment firms provide information to clients in respect of (a) all costs and associated charges charged for the investment services and/or ancillary services provided to the client, (b) all costs and associated charges associated with the manufacturing and managing of a financial instrument and (c) third party payments received by the investment firm in connection with the investment service provided to the client (Costs and Charges).

In the circumstances outlined in Article 50(1) of the Delegated Regulation, MiFID II professional clients and eligible counterparties may agree to a limited application of the detailed requirements on Costs and Charges set out in the Delegated Regulation.

Ex ante disclosure

Barclays is required to provide ‘ex ante’ disclosure on all Costs and Charges in good time to clients. See Business Specific Appendices for details of ‘ex ante’ disclosure for each applicable business area. Where the client is a MiFID II retail client and, pursuant to European Union Regulation 1286/2014 (the PRIIPs Regulation), Barclays provides the client with a key information document (a KID) in respect of a packaged retail and insurance-based investment product, the cost disclosure contained in the KID shall constitute ‘ex ante’ disclosure for the purposes of MiFID II Costs and Charges.

Note that clients may ask for an itemised breakdown of Costs and Charges. In order to facilitate this, we request that clients notify the Barclays sales or client service representative in advance of trading. 

Ex post disclosure

Additionally, in the circumstances outlined in Article 50(9) of the Delegated Regulation, Barclays may be obliged to provide clients with whom it has had an ongoing relationship an ‘ex post’ summary of aggregated Costs and Charges. Where required, this ‘ex post’ summary will be provided on at least an annual basis and comprise Costs and Charges incurred since the later of 3 January 2018 or the provision of the previous ‘ex post’ summary. For further details of this process please contact your sales or client service representative.

Cumulative effect of costs on return

Returns on a client’s investment will be reduced by the overall amount of the Costs and Charges applied by Barclays in connection with the financial instrument and related investment services and/or ancillary services.

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