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Barclays is pleased to announce that 84 colleagues in the Corporate and Investment Bank will be promoted to Managing Director, effective 1 January 2021. Each of these individuals has delivered excellent results by working across businesses to deliver the whole bank for Barclays’ clients. Equally important, each has a strong track record of inspiring colleagues and building a culture that enables Barclays to deliver on its commitments to all of its stakeholders. Of the 2021 class, 27% are women, underscoring Barclays’ strong commitment to advance its diversity and inclusion strategy.


Osman Akkaya
Kurt Anthony
Alexis Bancroft
Evghenia Burlac
Sid Chhibbar
Hardik Dalal
Christophe de Becdelievre
Michaela Diverio
Tugce Dursun
Kate Gaertner
Neil Ghosh
Eugene Golant
Sae-Won Hwang
May Jaramillo
Mathew Kandathil
Derek Keller
Emily Knickel
Falco Lindeholz
Jed Lynch
Tom Macdonald
Robert McIntyre
Ryan McNamara
Francois Noujaim
Grace Ormond
Thomas Porter
Adam Schnapper
Allison Sedrish
Jackie Shen
Robert Smith
Lindsey VanEgmond
Francois Villemain
Suprita Vohra
Frederic Way
Scott Wisniewski

Corporate Banking

Taranjit Jaswal
Jessica Tomlinson
David Shinkins



Angus Abbot
Siddharth Bachhawat
Eugen Barbu
Ron Bruggink
Pranay Butail
Benjamin Carreau
Jonathan Debrich
Alexis Depaepe
Howard Einhorn
Peter Feola
Michael Fisher
Syma Javed
Florian Jenny
Dov Kanofsky
Justin Kantrowitz
Tolga Kirbay
Lucinda Lawrence
Jimmy Lee
Alex Lee
Leo Masson
Rajiv Mehta
Mihiro Motegi
Nora Obringer
Grace Park
Mattia Parolari
Chaitu Penubarthi
Guido Persichetti
Michael Pollak
Ranjani Ramachandra
Matthew Rogers
Carlos Salcedo
Greg Schmidt
Agustin Sicouly
Natasha Singh
Mark Soper
Kevin Walter
Mark Wyatt
Wenjie Xiang


Paul Chambers
David Lichtman
Jeffrey Bernstein
Christine Cho
Fabrice Montagne
Amrut Nashikkar
Maggie O’Neal Van Loon
Rishi Parekh
Anita Pereira

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About Barclays

Barclays is a British universal bank. We are diversified by business, by different types of customer and client, and geography. Our businesses include consumer banking and payments operations around the world, as well as a top-tier, full service, global corporate and investment bank, all of which are supported by our service company which provides technology, operations and functional services across the Group. Barclays offers investment banking products and services in the US through Barclays Capital Inc. For further information about Barclays, please visit our website

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