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We are a facilitator. For example, we touch those that need capital and those who provide capital and connect the two. And through that connection we can do a lot to further the social good, while we’re doing it.
Sandeep Patel, Managing Director, Banking, Consumer and Retail Group
See the impact of Barclays Social Innovation FacilitySee the impact of Barclays Social Innovation Facility Find out more about social innovation at BarclaysFind out more about social innovation at Barclays
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The C-suite’s innovation dilemma

The financial services c-suite needs to embrace technology innovation, and learn its language if they want to succeed, according to Harvard Business School professor and New York Times’ bestselling author Clayton Christensen. Professor Christensen explains why the state of disruption in financial services could force them to adapt in this interview with Arian Lewis, Barclays' Head of Open Innovation.

The rise and ethics of the mechanical mind

Can machines ever truly surpass humans’ cognitive superiority in the analysis of qualitative data? To explore this question, Barclays’ open innovation arm, Rise, hosted a panel discussion at its New York headquarters.

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