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Using our time and resources, Barclays’ employees are helping address societal challenges and promote positive change.

Social innovation is changing how we work. By focusing on social impact, companies are finding new opportunities for growth. From green infrastructure to gender lens investing, products and services that are confronting climate change and human rights are multiplying. To develop social impact products we need sharp, collective thinking. At Barclays, our employee ‘intrapreneurs’ are tackling challenges and creating financial products through Barclays Social Innovation Facility, as well as through recent events and forums around the world.


Social Innovation Challenge  

In September, the Social Innovation Facility convened more than 250 employees to work in teams and explore topics such as climate change, water scarcity and financial inclusion through Social Innovation Challenges. Judges selected seven winning teams to participate in the Intrapreneur Lab at the University of Oxford.

The winning proposals included solutions such as an agricultural industry hub to examine water usage in the supply chain, among others. The three-day incubator hosted at Oxford's Said Business School will be followed by three months of hands-on work supported by mentors and experts who are helping expand these ideas into full-fledged business propositions with the potential to be incorporated into Barclays’ product suite.

A Social Innovation Demo Day also took place at the Investment Bank’s New York headquarters in October. After spending three months in the US Intrapreneur Lab, six teams of finalists pitched their ideas for new banking products and services that also deliver a positive social or environmental impact. The winning team’s pitch was to provide automated loans to small and medium enterprises, and won funding to help further explore how to bring their proposal to market.

Barclays Social Innovation Facility incubates ideas with the potential to tackle large social challenges through financial services. Our intrapreneurial colleagues are creating products and services that will have a scalable social impact.
Mark Thain, Director, Social Innovation, Barclays
Business Fights Poverty

Barclays hosted an event convened by Business Fights Poverty to coincide with this year’s UN General Assembly in September. Business Fights Poverty is a business-led collaboration network focused on social impact. The event combined inspiring panel discussions with engaging conversations on social innovation, business collaboration for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and impact investing.

As the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development report highlights, “Industry is on the leading edge of the interface between people and the environment." Responding to global challenges in ways that advance prosperity, support communities and promote environmental resilience is a collective investment in all of our futures.

In 2018, Barclays will launch a series of educational videos and tip sheets for intrapreneurs in partnership with Business Fights Poverty, Pearson and Cemex. The videos will guide intrapreneurs in all organisations on how to innovate with a sustained social impact.



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Jobs of tomorrow, solutions for the planet


Jobs of tomorrow, solutions for the planet

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