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Investment Bank

Investment Bank

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Audience viewing film on the main scoreboard at Barclays Center

Barclays interns and graduates enjoyed a private screening of financial thriller “Equity” and participated in a panel discussion on gender equality at Barclays Center.

Gender equality remains an area for improvement throughout the financial industry and executive suite of major global companies. To engage our emerging talent in a dialogue about this important issue and potential solutions to address it, Barbara Byrne, Vice Chairman at Barclays’ Investment Bank, invited summer interns and graduates to join the conversation at a screening of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival selection “Equity”, a film she co-produced.

The screening of this financial thriller film – conceived, directed and produced entirely by women – drew 260 attendees from Barclays and other companies to Barclays Center. The event opened with personal remarks from Lauren Kelton, a third year Associate at Barclays, as well as from Byrne.

You don't get a chance to be a storyteller in Hollywood unless you can be funded, and women don't get funded. I backed and financed this project precisely because it was conceived by a woman, written by a woman and directed by a woman.
Barbara Byrne, Vice Chairman, Investment Bank

After the film, producer and star Sarah Megan Thomas and screenwriter Amy Fox joined Byrne on stage and fielded questions from the audience. Topics ranged from gender inequality in the technology, finance and entertainment industries, to advice for women just starting out in business and what motivates each of the speakers.

Woman asking a question using a microphone

“It was a special experience to discuss the challenges that prevail in the film and society today with women who, themselves, are champions of their cause. It was inspiring to see what motivated Barbara, Sarah, and Amy, and how important it is for companies like Barclays to be focused on making a positive change,” observed Hailey Bossolina, a sophomore intern in Sales & Trading.

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Gender diversity and socially responsible investing

Gender diversity and socially responsible investing

Barclays one of Working Mother's "100 Best Companies" in US

Barclays one of Working Mother's "100 Best Companies" in US

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