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Lindsay Bofman is an open book in the office. As a Director in Interest Rate Product Sales at Barclays Investment Bank, Bofman is diligent in discussing desk and client assignments candidly with all of her team members.

Such transparency ensures every team member has a chance to discuss specific decisions, and each feels invested in the group's overall direction. By discussing assignments in this way, Bofman builds a greater sense of inclusion with every member of her team.

Improving inclusivity by being open and transparent is a leadership skill Bofman learned from one of her mentors and group heads, Anil Atluri, Managing Director, Co-Head of Macro Distribution. During his 12-year Barclays career, Atluri learned to practice the same principles of inclusive openness from his managers. Transparency is infused into every aspect of how he manages his team.

We practice transparency in terms of how we handle promotions, client assignments, desk assignments and who will manage a team. That goes a long way toward making every team member feel like they matter.
Anil Atluri, Managing Director, Co-Head of Macro Distribution

There are measurable, positive results produced by that type of inclusivity. For one, Atluri's team benefits from a lower than average turnover rate, partly because every member feels involved in, responsible for and invested in the group's long-term success.

In turn, lower attrition provides Barclays’ clients the benefits of continuity, as well as the idea generation that comes from open conversations that take all team members' input into account. "Clients recognise we provide a true team experience," Atluri says. No matter which team member picks up the desk phone, for example, a client is ensured the same high level of attention and expert service.

Bofman's clients benefit from the same level of service built on her team's collective perspectives.

When everyone is encouraged to have a voice, clients receive a better, more broad-based approach.
Lindsay Bofman, Director, Interest Rate Product Sales

Atluri believes that individuals are happiest within an organisation when they know they are being treated fairly, and approaching roles and responsibilities transparently ensures every person understands the rationale behind each decision. “I don't think anyone wants special consideration,” he explains. “Everyone just wants an equal chance to be treated fairly.”

Bofman and Atluri’s approach supports Barclays’ goal of fostering an inclusive culture where individuals of all backgrounds feel they have an opportunity to be successful and their talents are nurtured. Mentorship by inclusive leaders, such as Atluri and Bofman, coupled with training and development opportunities equip managers here with the skills and confidence to be inclusive leaders who maximise the contributions of all our people. This positive climate of inclusion and engagement is a key means by which Barclays empowers employees to fully contribute to the company’s overall vision and goals.

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