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Barclays has partnered with the Unreasonable Group to create Unreasonable Impact accelerators around the world. Together, we’re investing in entrepreneurial innovation to create some of the 212 million new jobs it’s estimated our global economy will need by 2020 to tackle expected levels of unemployment*.

The aim of our partnership is to help address the projected job losses resulting from industrial automation and to provide opportunities for the next generation of workers. The accelerator programmes in the U.K, U.S., and Singapore, will contribute to Barclays’ Shared Growth Ambition, by supporting high-growth entrepreneurs to help create the jobs of tomorrow.

Scale ups are fundamental in driving economic growth. Supporting ventures that have scalable solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges with our resources and mentorship, we will not only help to address significant societal and environmental issues, but also be facilitating in creating the jobs of tomorrow.
Joe McGrath, CEO of Barclays Americas and Global Head of Capital Markets

Unreasonable and Barclays both believe that entrepreneurs are the answer to some of the toughest issues facing society today.

By bringing them together through a global network of accelerators, we’re helping to scale their businesses, employ thousands worldwide and contribute to solutions to some of our most pressing environmental, societal and sustainability challenges.

Leading technologists, successful business builders, industry-specific mentors and colleagues from across Barclays’ are mentoring the entrepreneurs throughout the programme, including bankers, marketers, accountants, financing and M&A experts.

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Unreasonable Impact: Asia

In early May 2017, over an intensive two-week session, 14 entrepreneurs from Singapore, China, India and Japan learned how to scale their companies and prepare for the challenges ahead. Asia’s programme participants are an exciting, diverse mix. They range from manufacturing of edible and biodegradable cutlery; to efficiently creating recycled polyester from old clothes; to safety testing technology that uses fish embryos instead of animals to test for toxicity in consumer products. You can find out about all participants on the Unreasonable Impact website.

Unreasonable Impact: London

The UK accelerator programme began in September 2016. The business models of the 10 UK growth-stage ventures are tackling global challenges ranging from water shortage to deforestation.

Unreasonable Impact: New York

In early November 2016, 12 more entrepreneurs joined the inaugural Unreasonable Impact US accelerator to learn how to scale their green economy-focused companies, aiming to create a minimum of 500 jobs each over the next five years.

The diverse mix of New York participants received mentorship from business and industry experts, serial entrepreneurs and Barclays specialists with skills and experience relevant to their individual business needs.

It’s been an amazing experience. It’s a combination of awesome people, an enthusiasm to genuinely follow up and help, and content that’s actually useful.
Ben Glass, CEO/CTO + Founder of Altaeros Energies
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