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As the finance industry is poised to leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), perhaps no topic is more exciting than machine learning, a subset of AI that gives machines access to data so that they can learn for themselves.

To foster the dialogue about these innovations, Women in Derivatives (WIND) recently presented a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Finance event at Barclays' US headquarters in New York. The event brought together female leaders to discuss how machine learning technologies are being applied to financial services and financial markets.

The event touched on all the points we’re actively implementing and exploring at Barclays. We want to be at the forefront of innovation, digitalisation and technology, as well as empower women leaders to drive change. The partnership with WIND also offers a unique connectivity point with clients through diversity.
Ying Cao, Director, Markets Digital Strategy, Barclays

The event's panel included female leaders in data science, including Asita Anche, Barclays Managing Director and Head of Systematic Market Making, Risk Centralization, and Data Science; Kristina Fan, CEO and Founder of 7 Chord, a Fintech company specialising in AI for corporate bond trading; Dr. Sherry Marcus, Managing Director and Co-Head of Data Science Core at BlackRock; and Claudia Perlich, Adjunct Professor at New York University; and moderated by Pamela Marcogliese, partner of Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP.

At a time when many companies have started to use AI to add value, examining the unique challenges of machine learning and how its applications might develop in the future is crucial.

The WIND panel discussed these challenges and recent developments in the sector, like Barclays’ partnership with Simudyne Technology, a software company and alum of the Barclays’ FinTech accelerator programme, which helps build machine learning computer models that will test millions of possible future risk factors.

The event was a great opportunity to share Barclays’ digital strategy and commitment to data science and AI with a wider audience. I was thrilled to connect with so many women with interest and enthusiasm for the subject. It is vital for women to engage, develop and drive the technologies as they re-shape the future of finance.
Asita Anche, Managing Director, Head of Systematic Market Making and Head of Data Science, Barclays

By hosting the machine learning event for WIND, a nonprofit organization whose core mission is to attract, retain, educate and develop women leaders in the financial industry, Barclays also further demonstrated its strong support of gender diversity.

Kristin Boggiano, founder of WIND and Chief Legal Officer for AlphaPoint, a technology company that builds white label digital exchanges for institutions, added: “I have seen firsthand how breakthrough technologies directly yield new talent and leadership in our industry. The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Finance event at Barclays illuminated that financial services is poised for an unprecedented era of productivity and opportunity."

The WIND event fostered an environment to discuss these topics, and also helped to expand the boundaries in which women can network and derive inspiration from other participants’ unique experiences in an ever-evolving, technological landscape.

L to R: Valerie Monchi (Barclays), Ying Cao (Barclays), Dr. Sherry Marcus (BlackRock), Kristin Boggiano (WIND), Pamela Marcogliese (Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP), Claudia Perlich (NYU), Asita Anche (Barclays), Kristina Fan (7 Chord), Angie Karna (Nomura)

About Women in Derivatives (WIND)

Women in Derivatives (WIND) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Its core mission is to attract, retain, educate, and develop female leaders in the derivatives industry and financial industry as a whole. It provides targeted channels for education, mentoring and sponsorship, leveraging senior leaders within its organization. Participants include people in trading, sales, law, economics, portfolio management, marketing, research, academia, government, operations, technology and quantitative analysis. For more information on WIND, please visit

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Transparency: A best practice for diversity and inclusion

Transparency: A best practice for diversity and inclusion

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