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Supporting and realising the potential of a global ageing population presents a major role for the private sector. Our analysts see emergent opportunities in health care, technology, construction and leisure and service sectors.

Silver villages & age-friendly housing

A trend for wanting to ‘age in place’ and live independently will drive demand for assistive technology, purpose-built silver villages and retirement housing, which allow care and support to meet progressive levels of dependency.

Poor quality UK housing costs the NHS around £2.5bn per year in negative health effects.1

Market Opportunity

  • Retirement housing
  • Nursing homes
  • Home-based assistive technology

Senior care & social robots

With a global shortage of caregivers, there is a growing role for eldercare technology – using digital tech, AI and robotics to provide routine help (lifting, carrying, feeding, washing), cognitive support and even social engagement.

Four in five care recipients in Japan are likely to accept some support being delivered by robots.2

Market Opportunity

  • Care robots
  • Remote patient monitoring

Longevity Tech

Understanding the biology of ageing in order to modify it could allow both health span and life span to be extended. Regenerative medicine, such as stem cell replenishment, is a growing market but needs to be viewed with caution.

The Three 'Rs' of regenerative medicine:

Replenish e.g. stem cells

Replace e.g. organ 3D printing

Rejuvinate e.g. young blood transfusions

Market Opportunity

  • Anti-ageing therapeutics
  • Preventative medicine
  • Personalised treatments

Lifelong learning

Older workers’ employment and productivity is highly dependent on their ability to adapt: retraining and reskilling will be key. B2C and corporate demand will drive the need for ‘EdTech’ such as online courses, nano-degrees and virtual learning environments.

China now has over 70,000 elderly universities with over 8mn enrolled students.3

Market Opportunity

  • Digital learning
  • Educational tech
  • Self-employment

Age-friendly lifestyle & wellness services

As more seniors embrace technology, digital lifestyle services will be able to leverage the ‘silver economy’ with age-friendly options for activities ranging from content streaming to online dating to food kits and fitness.

Baby Boomers are now spending 27 hours a week online.4

Market Opportunity

  • Lifestyle: online dating; food delivery; fitness; entertainment; FinTech
  • Wellbeing: nutrition; beauty & anti-ageing consumer products

Building Research Establishment

2 Japanese Government

3 Chinese assiciation of educators for senior citizens

4 WSL/Strategic Retail

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About the analysts

Hiral Patel is the Head of Sustainable & Thematic Investing within Equity Research at Barclays. Hiral joined the team in June 2018 following five years covering the European Technology, Payments and FinTech sector. Prior to that, Hiral qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG, where she worked in Audit covering Financial Services. Hiral graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in Economics, Politics and International Studies.

Katherine Ogundiya is a member of the Sustainable & Thematic Investing team within Equity Research at Barclays. She joined the team in August 2018, following completion of the Compliance graduate scheme at Barclays. Katherine read Law at the London School of Economics.

Anushka Challawala is a member of the Sustainable & Thematic Investing team within Equity Research at Barclays. Anushka joined the team in September 2018 following two years covering European Telecoms. Anushka graduated with a BSc in Management from the University of Warwick.

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