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Investment Bank

Investment Bank

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The Barclays Social Innovation Facility is one of the ways we are investing in ideas for products and services that deliver commercial returns and also create value for society.

Launched in 2012 with a £25m commitment, Barclays Social Innovation Facility (SIF) was set up as a catalyst to help Barclays' business teams identify, deliver and share innovative products and services that enhance our competitiveness, drive long-term profitability, and have a positive impact in our communities.

Those with the greatest potential are given practical support and funding to get their ideas off the ground. As well as changing lives, these innovations are strengthening our client relationships, developing new technologies and building our commercial interests in fast-growing but currently underserved markets. 

The current portfolio of 30+ projects is developing and testing market-based solutions that address a range of challenges. For the Investment Bank in particular, the SIF has funded the launch of the Barclays Women in Leadership Total Return Index (Barclays WIL Index).

The Barclays WIL Index and linked investment products aim to provide investors with exposure to US-based companies with gender-diverse executive leadership. We believe these products will be attractive to the growing population of socially responsible investors and encourage more corporations to focus on gender parity in leadership and governance within their own organisations.

Find out more about social innovation at BarclaysFind out more about social innovation at Barclays
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