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In a new video report, Connecting the Dots: The outlook for NAFTA, Barclays’ Macro Research analyst Aziz Sunderji discusses what’s ahead for renegotiations of this 25 year old agreement.

Officials from the US, Canada, and Mexico just completed the seventh round of renegotiation, but the partners remain far apart on some key issues. And with the Mexican presidential election approaching, time is short.

The outlook for NAFTA video report highlights:

  • The main reasons driving the NAFTA renegotiation and the controversial terms under discussion
  • The growing potential risks of breakdowns in the agreement renegotiation, including the cross-asset economic and industry implications for Mexico, Canada, and the United States 
NAFTA is almost 25 years old and it needs to be updated to reflect changes in trade, the rise of ecommerce, for example. Also, it needs to be modernized to reflect changes in labor and environmental standards.
Aziz Sunderji, Director – Barclays Macro Research
About the analyst

Aziz Sunderji is a Director in Macro Research. He co-authors the Global Macro Daily and presents the Connecting the Dots video update series. Aziz joined Barclays in 2006 in London. He was a strategist covering European credit markets and from 2011 from New York covered Emerging markets. He moved into his current role in 2017. Aziz holds a BA in Economics from McGill University and an MSc. in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.

About Connecting the Dots

Barclays’ Connecting the Dots series is a monthly cross-asset market update. The video report shares insights on recent developments in economic and financial markets. Connecting the Dots – NAFTA at 25 is now available to Investment Bank clients on Barclays Live or on the Barclays Live App.

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