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Policy uncertainty

  • Most markets staged limited moves yesterday. Equity markets were mostly down but by less than 0.5%. US Treasuries were roughly unchanged, though bunds rallied by almost 5bp. Brazil short rates continued to rally on central bank rate cuts as inflation recedes there. There is little economic data today.
  • Ahead of President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress next Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin clarified the timetable. He said the administration aims to have tax reform done by the August recess amidst ongoing deliberation over Ryan’s border tax plan. We continue to think ACA repeal and replace will come before tax reform, and this risks delaying the agenda.
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Barclays Live app for iPad and Android tablets

The Barclays Live app for tablets helps institutional clients to cut through the information deluge. Interactive tiles allow clients to view the content they want, store it for offline use, annotate it on the go, and more. It's Barclays Live, now tailored for you on iPad and Android tablets.

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