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Generation Z
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Generation map: Categorising the generational cohorts

Consumer giants

By 2020, Generation Z will be the largest group of consumers globally. They will account for 40% of consumers in the US, Europe and BRIC countries and 10% in the rest of the world*. Companies that don’t engage with Gen Z successfully could rapidly lose market share.

* Source: Booz Co



consumer giants

Mega influencers

Some of them may only be 9 years old, but Gen Z already have huge spending power. In the US, Gen Z currently have $200 billion in direct buying power but $1 trillion in indirect spending power by influencing household spending*. Gen Z's advanced digital knowledge and ability to assess factors such as price and availability from a young age make them increasingly influential in family spending decisions.

* Source: IBM

mega influencers
Five top categories where Generation Z influences family spending
Gen Z: How influence becomes power
Millennials: Tech Savvy
Multi-task over: 2 screens
Communicate with: SMS
Preferred app: Facebook

Gen Z: Tech innate
Multi-task over: 5 screens
Communicate with: Emojis
Preferred app: Snapchat

Attention span
Millennials: Now focused
Gen Z: Future focused

Looking on phones
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Gen Z: How influence becomes power 

As Generation Z come of age, our analysts explore why this powerful demographic is so important and how they’re already starting to reshape key business sectors.

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Barclays Research Highlights - Generation Z: Step aside Millenials (PDF, 677KB)Barclays Research Highlights - Generation Z: Step aside Millenials (PDF, 677KB)
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