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The UK is a pre-eminent global financial hub, providing access to investment and expert services for investors and businesses across Europe, and connecting European companies with financial centres around the world.

The important role of UK capital markets in Europe

Featuring Louise Hall, Director, Banking and Tom Swerling, Managing Director, Banking

Is the UK’s standing as one of the most significant financial hubs, and a crucial part of the European market secure, or is it about to change?

Thanks to a history as a trading nation and a supportive legal and regulatory framework, the UK has an unparalleled ability to act as a conduit for investment moving into and around local and international economies.

Today, the unique services offered by UK capital markets are helping British and European businesses and investors access new opportunities in both established and emerging worldwide market powers.

UK capital markets in Europe, by the numbers*:

  • 40% of assets in continental Europe are managed in London
  • 87% of EU staff at US investment banks are based in the UK
  • 75% of firms in the EU that use passports in the capital markets are based in the UK

What does the future hold for capital markets?

Featuring Louise Hall, Director, Banking and Tom Swerling, Managing Director, Banking

There are several challenges facing our economy in the future, from the rise of alternative sources of capital, the promise of fintech, to new regulation and the changing face of politics.

People are turning increasingly to venture capital and crowdfunding as sources of income, while successive waves of fintech disruptors offer new ways to reduce costs and open up opportunities. At the same time, regulatory changes like MiFID II and ongoing political developments, such as Brexit and a series of important international elections, mean there are lots of things to think about when accessing capital markets.

At Barclays, we’re working hard to ensure that as the global economy evolves new opportunities are harnessed, clients continue to receive the level of service and market insight they deserve, and capital markets become even more adept at connecting organisations looking to finance with people who want to invest.

*Source: Wright, William. February 2017. New Financial. What have the capital markets ever done for us? And how could they do it better?

About our experts

Louise Hall is a Director in the UK Debt Capital Markets team. Louise joined Barclays in 2006 as part of the graduate scheme, working for a number of years in loans and acquisition financing before moving to the bond desk in 2012. Louise covers UK and Irish corporate clients across a number of sectors including utilities, TMT, consumer and industrials, assisting them with raising debt capital to address business as usual and strategic financing needs.

Tom Swerling joined Barclays in November 2011 as Head of EMEA Strategic Equity Derivatives business. Tom became Managing Director in January 2012. Tom is currently Head of EME Equity-Linked and Crossholding Capital Markets, additionally overseeing the Convertible Bond and ABB businesses. Tom began his career at Lehman Brothers in 2001 and transferred to Nomura in September 2008. Tom Holds a BA (Hons) in Classics from the University of Oxford.

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