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Providing clients with visibility into order handling settings and preferences

Barclays has begun onboarding US clients to SPECS, a new online portal that allows clients to easily view, verify and request changes to their order handling settings with the firm’s Equities business

Accessible through Barclays’ institutional client portal, Barclays Live, SPECS provides a consolidated view of a client’s settings in an easily accessible and easy to use format. With SPECS, clients can view, attest to or request changes to their specific profile directly in the online portal, with only a few clicks.

A typical SPECS “profile” will include market access settings, settings for Barclays’ two ATSs (LX and DirectEx), and venue preferences. The portal will consolidate notifications, announcements of product updates, and alerts on any changes to their settings. Clients can also request a printable report of their profile settings.

“The concept behind SPECS is surprisingly simple. But we believe the visibility and resulting control clients will have sets a new standard for transparency in the industry.”
Eric Schlanger, Head of Equities, Americas

Additional features planned for SPECS include product education videos, searchable FAQs, and important documents and disclosures. SPECS was conceived of, designed and built by Barclays. The portal is currently available to Barclays’ US equities clients, and will be progressively rolled out to clients in other regions.

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