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Capital markets play a vital role in the long-term health of the UK economy. They connect companies, governments and institutions with investors, and direct money into productive investments, like innovation and government spending.

In many ways investment banks such as Barclays are like bridges. We may not build physical structures, but we do help create financial connections between those who seek investment opportunity with those who need financing to grow, evolve or innovate.

We help organisations looking for financing, like corporations and not-for-profit enterprises, connect with people looking to put their money to work by investing smartly, like pension funds or investment managers.

This financial connectivity helps facilitate business expansion, powers innovation, and funds projects that benefit companies and their stakeholders and the wider communities they operate in.

Capital markets channel the equivalent of 6% of GDP in investment into the UK economy every year.

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UK companies annually raise £100bn in finance via capital markets.

UK investment bank activities generate annual revenue of £74bn for the economy.

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Continue to explore the many ways we use the capital markets to help the UK economy build positive pathways to a sustainable future.

*Source: Wright, William. February 2017. New Financial. What have the capital markets ever done for us? And how could they do it better? 

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