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The financial services c-suite needs to embrace technology innovation, and learn its language if they want to succeed, according to Harvard Business School professor and New York Times’ bestselling author Clayton Christensen.

Professor Christensen shared this perspective at a panel discussion in New York on the state of disruption in financial services, hosted by Rise, Barclays’ community for open innovation. Clayton’s theories and strategies have been utilised by some of the world’s most notable brands to build their businesses, and both Forbes and The Economist have rated Clayton as one of the most influential thinkers of our time. 

Following the event, Professor Christensen sat down with Arian Lewis, Head of Open Innovation at Barclays, to film a video summary of important insights he’s gained over 25 years of work in the field of disruptive innovation, including:

  • The meaning of “disruption” and how it is playing out in the financial services industry today (02:00)
  • How modularisation of bank services can help incumbents to keep pace with innovative challengers (3:02)
  • Why disruption from within is so challenging for established financial services companies (09:50)
  • How accelerator programs can succeed in helping their corporate sponsors to innovate (12:09)
  • Why the financial services c-suite needs to learn a new language of success metrics to understand the true value of innovation (14:08)


About Rise

Rise is Barclays’ community for open innovation. Designed to help shape the future of financial services, Rise provides a platform through which start ups and corporates can connect to co-create and scale technologies within Barclays and the wider financial services industry. 

Rise provides a community, facilities and events like panels and hackathons that can enable their growth and fast-track progress. Its current locations in London, Manchester, New York and Cape Town serve as headquarters for the Barclays Accelerators, which are intensive 13-week programmes designed to provide cutting-edge resources, mentoring and development to innovative FinTech start ups. Visit or email for more information about Rise facilities, events and programming.



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Co-creating the future with Cisco

For Cisco, growing ahead of the curve means constantly seeking what’s next. Barclays helps them stay at the leading-edge of technology by providing ideas for growth and innovation in the form of acquisitions, partnerships and investments across the global technology sector.

Watch how we help Cisco stay disruptive

Appetite for growth

Every business wants to grow, but many attempt to expand too soon or too rapidly. When Shake Shack decided to go public, Barclays understood the importance of growing the brand in just the right way – and communicating that story to potential investors.

Watch how we help Shake Shack grow
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The rise and ethics of the mechanical mind

Can machines ever truly surpass humans’ cognitive superiority in the analysis of qualitative data? To explore this question, Barclays’ community for open innovation, Rise, hosted a panel discussion at its New York headquarters.

02 Mar 2016, 21:35 GMT

Barclays Accelerator holds its first Demo Day in New York

After thirteen weeks of intensive networking, mentoring and development, 11 businesses showcased their innovative fintech propositions at a demo day in New York, marking the culmination of the third cohort of the Barclays Accelerator.

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