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Jeff Meli Ben Theurer

Episode 14

Jeff Meli in conversation with Ben Theurer

Alternative meat - the future of food or just a fad?

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Changing consumer preferences are driving the rapid growth of the alternative meat sector. Emerging alternative meat companies have garnered significant enthusiasm from investors, while traditional food companies are incorporating innovative alternative meat products into their offering. But does the alternative meat sector have the momentum to grow and capture close to 10% of the $1.4 trillion global meat market over the next decade?

In episode 14 of The Flip Side podcast series, Jeff Meli, Head of Research, and Ben Theurer, Head of Latin American Equity Research and Americas Agribusiness analyst, debate whether alternative meat will be a real game changer for the food and meat industries, or just another fringe product that will fade over time. The analysts also weigh in on factors driving the adoption of alternative meat products, such as taste, health benefits and environmental impact.

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The Flip Side podcast 

This podcast series features lively debates between Barclays’ Research analysts on important topics facing economies and businesses around the globe.


Carving up the alternative meat market 

Can the rise of the alternative meat industry help provide a solution to concerns over health and large-scale farming’s impacts on climate change, animal welfare and waste?

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About the analysts

Jeff Meli is Head of Research within the Investment Bank at Barclays. Jeff joined Barclays in 2005 as Head of US Credit Strategy Research. He later became Head of Credit Research. He was most recently Co-Head of FICC Research and Co-Head of Research before being named Head of Research globally. Previously, he worked at Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan, with a focus on structured credit. Jeff has a PhD in Finance from the University of Chicago and an AB in Mathematics from Princeton.

Benjamin M. Theurer is a Director and Head of the Mexico Equity Research office. He covers multiple sectors across the Americas, including Americas Agribusiness, Latin America Consumer, and Latin America Multi-Industry. Prior to joining Barclays in 2011, Benjamin worked at DWS Investments, the Frankfurt-based asset management branch of Deutsche Bank, as a buy-side analyst and deputy fund manager for Latin American equities. He holds a master's degree in International Economics (Mag.rer.soc.oec) from a joint program at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain).

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