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World Economic Forum 2019
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Globalisation 4.0: Shaping a global architecture

As the theme of WEF 2019 suggests, the framework of our globalised world continues to evolve amidst massive transformations that span political, economic, business and societal realms. Our Research analysts address four key questions to help analyse these changes and provide deeper insights.

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The Flip Side podcast 

This podcast series features lively debates between Barclays’ Research analysts on important topics facing economies and businesses around the globe.

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Four Insights from Barclays Research

Is this the end of globalisation as we know it?

Is this the end of globalisation as we know it?

The period of hyperglobalisation that began in the 1990s may be drawing to a close. Barclays analysts examine the potential consequences for countries, corporations, and investors.

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The Brexit trade trade-off – can anything replace the current trade arrangement?

When the UK leaves the European Union, it also leaves the world’s largest single market. We assess which alternative trade scenarios could be viable for the UK, post-Brexit.

Blockchain's next big market opportunity

What’s blockchain’s next major application?

As blockchain technology finds use beyond crypto currency, enterprise software is likely to be an early adopter. Explore blockchain's next big market opportunity.

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Robots at the gate

Will robots take our jobs?

Machines are learning to do increasingly complex tasks. Will people be replaced by technology in the workplace anytime soon?

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ESG investing yields positive returns in select bond markets 

An expanded Impact Series study finds that tilting portfolios in favour of high ESG bonds can generate positive returns across various markets, geographies and sectors.


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