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Collaborating on numerous digital transformation projects, Ying Cao and Valerie Monchi have found the secret sauce for implementing change – a shared vision and strong partnership that helps turn that vision into reality.

Valerie, who is the Head of Business Management for Barclays Research, and Ying, Head of Digital Product and Strategic Workflow in the Markets Digital Strategy group, partnered on the roll out of a strategic communications platform to more than 10,000 employees across the Investment Bank. Ying's past experience as an entrepreneur engaging with new technologies and Valerie's extensive relationships after 20 years Barclays enabled them to make a measurable impact on digital and cultural transformation across the company. This is their story.

About Power of Two2

At Barclays, we know that the relationships we form at work can be transformative. The Power of Two2 video series was created to celebrate these important partnerships. Follow @BarclaysIB on Twitter or Barclays Investment Bank on LinkedIn to see future Power of Two2 stories.

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