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ESG Research

As investors increasingly look to align investments with Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) considerations, our Research team aims to help clients navigate this new paradigm. Its ESG effort comprises three pillars:


The Sustainable & Thematic Investing team within Barclays Equity Research focuses on identifying global thematic trends that could shape the business environment over the coming five to 10 years. Such trends include demographic change, emerging industries & technology, and evolving consumer behavior.


Barclays Fundamental ESG Research is a cross-asset initiative aimed to provide clients with a multi-dimensional analysis of where companies sit on the spectrum of ESG performance and whether markets are incorporating ESG attributes in security pricing.


The Barclays Quantitative Portfolio Strategy group within Research focuses on developing evidence-based empirical analysis of the market relationships between ESG ratings of issuers and the performance and valuation of their debt and equity securities.

The three pillars of Barclays ESG Research will feed into and inform each other to produce new and actionable ESG insights that enable investors and asset owners to assess the impact of regulatory and consumer change on markets and industries; the extent of adoption of ESG principles by companies under coverage; and how and to what extent adoption of ESG is influencing portfolio performance.

To learn how ESG has grown and to find out more about how our Research team will cover the evolving landscape, we’ve published an ESG white paper.

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Thematic insights

Read some of the latest highlights from Barclays Research analysts across ESG Research.

Impact Series

This series of in-depth reports explores the social impact of economic, demographic and disruptive changes affecting markets, sectors and society at large.


An uneasy alliance: can the world be less reliant on oil? 

The world is likely to remain dependent on oil for decades but is there a balance to be struck between the demand for oil and the urgent need to contain global warming?


Corporate America is becoming more concentrated 

An expanded Impact Series study shines a spotlight on rising industrial concentration and its effects on the US economy.


ESG investing yields positive returns in select bond markets 

An expanded Impact Series study finds that tilting portfolios in favour of high ESG bonds can generate positive returns across various markets, geographies and sectors.



Rising to the water challenge 

'The water challenge: preserving global resource', a report from Barclays, offers solutions for how the energy industry can evolve to help protect water resources.


The positive impact of ESG investing on bond performance 

This study from the Barclays Impact Series uncovers the positive effect environmental, social and governance investing can have on bond portfolio performance.

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