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Macro Research

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Our macro research franchise includes more than 60 strategists across economics, rates, FX, commodities and public policy.

They offer integrated views combining short-term daily commentary with long-term thematic ideas across developed and emerging economies.

Economists and strategists in the Barclays global macro franchise

Graphic depicting 60+ economists who form the backbone of Barclays Macro Research

As of 19 June 2017

Our macro teams produce thematic research on current topics, including Brexit, US policy, China, Brazil, inflation and liquidity squeeze.

A full suite of macro analytic tools are also available on Barclays Live, including charting tools, calculators, market monitors, volatility and trends analysis. Monthly Barclays Live Web events will keep you updated on new features and analysis around Macro market themes.

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Thematic insights

Read some of the latest highlights from Barclays’ Research analysts across Credit, Equity, Macro and Quantitative Portfolio Strategy.

Barclays Live

Barclays Live is our comprehensive, award-winning1 client portal delivering world-class, cross-asset content to our institutional clients. Offering a customizable and intuitive interface, this tool can be accessed from desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Learn more about Barclays Live


1 Barclays Live has been consistently voted #1 for Web-Based Analytical Tools by Institutional Investor's annual All-America Fixed-Income Research survey since 2008.

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