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Ajay Rajadhyaksha and Michael Pond discuss Global Outlook

Global Outlook: Curb your enthusiasm

Our latest flagship quarterly research publication 'Global Outlook: Curb your enthusiasm', suggests 2016 returns will be mediocre and recommends investors stay neutral on risk assets.

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November 25 2015

Sharp move lower in the EUR as ECB considers two-tiered bank charges

  • Risk appetite recovered during the London morning session. European equities rebounded while gold retraced yesterday’s safe-haven gains that had been driven by geopolitical tensions. Overnight, Asian equities had still been hampered by weak sentiment as the Nikkei, ASX and Hang Seng all fell. Shanghai traded equities rallied, however, with the SHCOMP up 0.9%. Brent oil also edged lower following yesterday’s rally, currently trading at $45. Holiday thin markets also seem to be adding to volatile trading as Japan was out on Monday and we approach the Thanksgiving break in the US.
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