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The Flip Side - Episode 10: US-China Trade War

Does the US-China trade war pose a material risk to the US economy? Jeff Meli and Ajay Rajadhyaksha debate what’s at stake on episode 10 of The Flip Side.

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Weekly Insights

17 Jun 2019

What to expect when markets are expecting

With several Fed rate cuts priced before year-end, next week’s FOMC meeting will be crucial – if not by delivering cuts, then by managing expectations about future...

Featured stories

An uneasy alliance: can the world be less reliant on oil? 

The world is likely to remain dependent on oil for decades but is there a balance to be struck between the demand for oil and the urgent need to contain global warming?

Transform the way you trade with BARX 

BARX is Barclays’ cross-asset electronic trading platform, which can help you to optimise execution performance by accessing deep pools of liquidity through Barclays’ innovative and evolving trading technology solutions.

On the upswing: The latest M&A trends in Europe 

2019 is off to a good start for mergers and acquisitions in Europe. Pier Luigi Colizzi, Head of M&A EME, outlines three major trends behind this year’s strong start.

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Our Insights

Read some of the latest highlights from Barclays’ macroeconomic market experts and analysts, and other insights from across our businesses.

As government and consumer pressure grows to address agriculture’s contribution to climate change, we explore possible solutions for participants across the beef industry.

Read the reportWinds of change: Tackling the impact of the cattle industry on climate change


Corporate America is becoming more concentrated. Is market power to blame?

New Barclays research shines a spotlight on rising industrial concentration and its effects on the US economy.


Q2 2019 Global Outlook: Stretching for yield

With the recent economic soft patch forecast to fade, Barclays Research recommends higher risk allocation as investors stretch for yield.


Client survey finds tech transformation takes hold in rates electronic trading

New technologies are helping to create additional paths to best execution in rates – optimizing trader workflow from price discovery to transaction cost analysis.

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Igniting growth with our clients

Our financial advice and access to investment capital helps transform clients' business ideas into long-term growth and innovation. 

News and Events

Read news and stories about our business, our people and our work in the community.

Supporting veteran entrepreneurs, one startup at a time

Barclays and NYU Tandon School of Engineering celebrate the success of the Veterans Future Lab and the commitment to providing mentorship and support for veteran entrepreneurs.


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Power of Two: Gillian and Neal

An opportunity to help a client, brought Gillian Dow and Neal West together, creating a team that went above and beyond to deliver growth for a longstanding client.


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Investment Bank Client Events & Conferences


Our programme of events and conferences provide a forum for corporate executives and institutional investors to explore and exchange ideas.


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