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Air Liquide

Air Liquide crosses the Atlantic to grow

Air Liquide’s acquisition of Airgas expanded its market in the U.S. overnight, igniting growth and enabling game-changing transatlantic opportunities.

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October 28, 2016

UST sell-off misaligned with fundamentals

More healthy US economic data expected: The US will release its advance estimate of Q3 GDP growth today. We now expect a stronger reading of 3.0% q/q saar, from our previous 2.5% estimate. The main difference is that we now see a stronger contribution from net trade, while we still expect consumption to rise firmly by 2.5%. The ECI measure is likely to show decent quarterly wage increases (0.6% q/q; 2.3% y/y). Nevertheless, we think current yield levels in the US are not consistent with the underlying data trend.

In the UK we expect the BoE to cut in February. We now expect 2% growth in 2016 and 0.5% in 2017. Even though the economy slowed in Q3 compared with the pre-Brexit period, growth nonetheless surprised to the upside, posting +0.5% q/q, well ahead of our and market expectations. We maintain our long held view that the economy will stall during the course of next year.

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Top Q4 2016 hedge fund themes

Lou Molinari, Global Head of Capital Solutions, weighs in on three of the top themes that emerged from the seventh annual Hedge Fund Symposium.

Watch Lou's video recapWatch Lou's video recap
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Igniting growth with our clients

Our financial advice and access to investment capital helps transform clients' business ideas into long-term growth and innovation. Together, those ideas are the fuel that ignites progress for the global economy and society. 
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Tech training helps fill cybersecurity job skills gap

Barclays CEO Jes Staley and US colleagues joined Per Scholas in celebrating the grand opening of their new Brooklyn location. Built in partnership with Barclays, the expansion will allow Per Scholas to serve an additional 140 New Yorkers annually, expanding its impact to more than 550 New Yorkers trained every year. 

Meet our Per Scholas graduate employeesMeet our Per Scholas graduate employees
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Q4 Global Outlook: A tactical shift toward risk assets

With global growth likely solid into Q4, monetary policy still ultra-easy, and the equity risk premium elevated, our latest Global Outlook: A tactical shift toward risk assets recommends investors move to a more risk-tolerant stance.

Watch why we recommend a risk-tolerant stanceWatch why we recommend a risk-tolerant stance
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