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Three trade models worth exploring

A number of non-EU countries have secured trade relationships with the EU that work well for both parties. But only one – the Canada model – aligns with all the UK’s conditions for leaving the EU.

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Weekly Insights

24 Sep 2018

Rinse and repeat

We present our updated global forecasts. Despite a formidable list of risks to global growth, headline forecasts have changed little over the last three...

Featured stories

What's behind the IPO comeback? 

After years of decline, 2018 kicked off an upward trend in IPOs. Our Equity Capital Markets experts weigh in on the trend and outline elements for a successful IPO.

Digital regulation: Which sectors stand to benefit most? 

Explore our analysts' latest thinking into how digital regulation is affecting key business sectors, including, insurance, software and IT - with GDPR already having an impact.

21% is better than 35%: US tax reform fuelling M&A 

Lowering the US corporate tax rate to 21% not only led to a spike in mergers and acquisitions, it changed how some deals are structured. Barclays' Head of M&A Structuring explains.

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Our Insights

Read some of the latest highlights from Barclays’ macroeconomic market experts and analysts, and other insights from across our businesses.

Machines are learning to do increasingly complex tasks. Will people be replaced by technology in the workplace anytime soon?

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Six factors disrupting the legacy media bundle

The media industry has reached a phase in its evolution where films, news, sport, shopping, music, data and more are being bundled in new ways that are disrupting the status quo.


Three reasons US interest rates are unlikely to skyrocket

Barclays Research analysts argue investors have several reasons not to worry about rising US Treasury bond yields in the quarters ahead.


Podcast: Goldilocks in developed economies: How long can it continue?

Unemployment is at record lows, yet wages are stagnant. What’s the holdup? Our Research analysts debate cyclical vs. structural explanations and the economic implications of both.

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Igniting growth with our clients

Our financial advice and access to investment capital helps transform clients' business ideas into long-term growth and innovation. 

News and Events

Read news and stories about our business, our people and our work in the community.

Power of Two2

At Barclays, we know that the relationships we form at work can be transformative. The Power of Two2 video series was created to celebrate these important partnerships.

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Women in Derivatives explore machine learning and AI at Barclays

Women in Derivatives (WIND) recently presented a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Finance event at Barclays, bringing together female leaders to discuss how new technologies are being applied to financial services.


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Helping charities with their strategic priorities


At a recent event, Banking colleagues worked alongside a number of UK charities to help address their most pressing challenges.


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Investment Bank Client Events & Conferences


Our programme of events and conferences provide a forum for corporate executives and institutional investors to explore and exchange ideas.


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