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Gen Z: Step aside Millennials

Discover the core behaviours, values and expectations that drive Generation Z, and find out what brands need to do to engage with this unique demographic.

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Weekly Insights

12 Nov 2018

Elections have consequences

The split Congress likely reduces the probability of further fiscal stimulus, but trade policy, which is in the president’s hands, likely will remain on...

Featured stories

Sir Richard Branson on spaceflight and climate change 

The renowned Virgin Group founder shares his unique insight on the commercial spaceflight industry and the role of business leaders in combating global climate change.

Episode 4 - The yield curve: Recession signal or market noise?  

Some emerging market assets have plummeted in 2018. Are we headed toward a crisis that could undo ten years of economic expansion? Our Research analysts debate whether EM volatility could tip the developed world into recession.

ESG investing yields positive returns in select bond markets 

An expanded Impact Series study finds that tilting portfolios in favour of high ESG bonds can generate positive returns across various markets, geographies and sectors.

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Our Insights

Read some of the latest highlights from Barclays’ macroeconomic market experts and analysts, and other insights from across our businesses.

Barclays Research analysts believe that neither global trade sanctions nor potential contagion from emerging markets are likely to upset the US' growth trajectory.

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The Brexit trade trade-off

When the UK leaves the European Union, it also leaves the world’s largest single market. We assess which alternative trade scenarios could be viable for the UK, post-Brexit.



Finding alpha: Equity hedge funds’ quest for alpha

Barclays Capital Solutions team’s study explores Equity hedge fund industry performance in the period following the Global Financial Crisis, as well as how portfolio management decisions can impact returns.


Blockchain's next big market opportunity

As blockchain technology finds use beyond crypto currency, enterprise software is likely to be an early adopter. Explore blockchain's next big market opportunity.

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Igniting growth with our clients

Our financial advice and access to investment capital helps transform clients' business ideas into long-term growth and innovation. 

News and Events

Read news and stories about our business, our people and our work in the community.

Nurturing growth and innovation with Unreasonable Impact

In its third year, Barclays’ Unreasonable Impact programme continues to nurture dynamic entrepreneurs and ventures dedicated to solving global challenges and creating the jobs of tomorrow.

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Encore! A path for workplace re-entry

Encore! helps individuals who have taken a career break prepare to re-enter the workforce. Applications for our 2019 programme are now open.


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Helping charities with their strategic priorities


At a recent event, Banking colleagues worked alongside a number of UK charities to help address their most pressing challenges.


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Investment Bank Client Events & Conferences


Our programme of events and conferences provide a forum for corporate executives and institutional investors to explore and exchange ideas.


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