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Barclays recently unveiled a larger-than-life, physical example of our commitment to innovation: a state-of-the-art digital signage installation on the façade of our New York City headquarters at 745 Seventh Avenue. 7,046 square feet (655 square metres) of surface-mounted LED panels installed this fall came to life, using vibrant visuals and data-driven storytelling to communicate Barclays’ role in shaping the forward progress of business and society.

“The enhanced signage system is a powerful example of how we infuse digital innovation into everything we do here at Barclays,” said Richard Haworth, CEO of the Americas. “We’ve gone from having the oldest LED display in Times Square – originally installed in 1999 – to one of the most sophisticated displays available on the market today that will enable real-time, dynamic content updates.”

The advanced digital sign will showcase the role of finance as a vital element of global commerce, highlighting how Barclays’ financial products and services support people, businesses and economies to grow and flourish, while making the complexities of the financial world simpler to understand. The sign will also present enhanced data visualizations and headline news, powered by live streams from partners such as Refinitiv and Reuters.

Developing the next gen sign

While the new digital screens weigh about half as much and have just one-third of the wattage of the originals, they offer nearly five times the resolution and the capacity to display 281 trillion colors. The energy efficient display supports Barclays’ carbon reduction efforts including our commitment to New York City to reduce 745 7th Avenue’s carbon emissions by 30% by 2025 compared to 2012.

Going forward, visitors to and employees at 745 Seventh Avenue will experience visually rich and timely content upon their arrivals and departures.

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