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Unreasonable Impact is a partnership between Barclays and Unreasonable Group focused on scaling up entrepreneurial businesses that will help employ tens of thousands worldwide while solving some of our most pressing environmental and societal challenges. Following the recent regional accelerator programs in Asia and Americas, this week, Unreasonable Impact hosts its third annual World Forum in London, bringing together the latest cohort of entrepreneurs and world-renowned thought leaders. 

Discussion centered around their inspirational work and revolutionary technologies impacting the future of food, energy, sustainable living and supply chains. Members of the Investment Bank’s Sustainable & Thematic Investing Research team were among the Barclays participants there to support the initiative. Analysts Emily Morrison, Hiral Patel and Anushka Challawala have collaborated with Unreasonable Impact entrepreneurs to help inform their recently published Research reports on food waste and insect protein. Those reports highlight the scale of the challenge of feeding 10 billion people by 2050 and offer potential solutions.

Working with entrepreneurs who are developing the solutions that will feed the world has given an invaluable insight to our Research. As pressure builds globally for sustainable food sources, these visionary entrepreneurs and companies will have first mover advantage in growing markets
Emily Morrison, Research Analyst, Equity Research, Sustainable & Thematic Investing

Read the full report

Authorised clients of Barclays Investment Bank can log in to Barclays Live to read the full report.

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Jobs of tomorrow, solutions for the planet 

Barclays has partnered with Unreasonable Group to support entrepreneurs that are creating jobs and improving the sustainability of our world.

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