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Tarun Mathur, Managing Director, EU Rates Sales
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Sometimes people need support that goes above and beyond day-to-day life at work, and here at Barclays we’re proud to rise to the challenge of helping as much as we can.

Inspiring positive action: The Tarun Mathur story

Tarun Mathur’s 21st anniversary of working at Barclays wasn’t just special because it marked a major milestone in his career. It was also his first day back at work after nine months spent successfully battling cancer.

Tarun was sorely missed by his colleagues while he was away from the office dealing with his illness. But we knew the most important thing was to give him the time and space he needed to recover and recuperate, safe in the knowledge that his job would be waiting for him when he was ready to return.

And when he did, everyone at Barclays was thrilled to be reunited with their friend, colleague and inspirational manager, and made him feel like he was coming home when he stepped back onto the trading floor.

Inspiring positive action: The Macro Everest Challenge

Tarun’s colleagues also wanted to find a way for people across Barclays to show their support and make a positive difference.

Inspired by Tarun’s description of his cancer battle as his own ‘Everest,’ the team at Barclays Macro created the Macro Everest Challenge to raise money for the Karen Morris Memorial Trust.

Karen Morris was a childhood friend of Tarun, who passed away when she was 23, after being diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia.

The Karen Morris Memorial Trust was set up by Karen’s family and friends, and provides on-site accommodation at the UK’s leading leukaemia hospitals, so families can stay close to loved ones during their treatment.

As part of the Macro Everest Challenge, each team member took on the gruelling challenge of climbing a revolving ladder for eight minutes.

The response was phenomenal, with people from all over Barclays getting involved and raising almost £70,000. This was the largest single sum ever raised for the Karen Morris Memorial Trust, and the money is being used to help fund its fifth on-site apartment.

We’re proud that the Barclays team was able to support Tarun through his personal battle with cancer, and do something positive to help others facing their own.

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