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Sharpen your perspective on the trends shaping business and markets with insights available directly through Alexa.

Just say “Alexa, open Barclays Research” to get started.

Skill features

Listen to The Flip Side with Amazon Alexa

Listen to The Flip Side podcast with Alexa

This podcast series features a lively debate between two Barclays’ Research analysts who take opposing viewpoints on timely topics of importance to economies and businesses around the globe.

Say “Alexa, ask Barclays Research to play The Flip Side” to get started.

Listen to The Flip Side with Amazon Alexa

Hear Weekly Insights from our Global Economics Research team with Alexa

Listen to our Research team's brief analysis of key macroeconomic developments, data releases and market events to prepare for the week ahead.

Say “Alexa, ask Barclays Research to read Weekly Insights” to get started.

Get the Barclays Research skill today

To start listening, enable the Barclays Research skill by saying “Alexa, open Barclays Research,” or by searching for Barclays Research in the Alexa app or on your local Amazon website.

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