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About eight years ago, Banking Managing Director Steve Berkenfeld came to the realisation that Barclays needed a bespoke approach to clients engaged in the broadly defined clean technology business.

With potential clean tech clients ranging from energy companies and automobile manufacturers to technology companies and beyond, cross-functional teams composed of experts from a variety of existing coverage and product teams would be best positioned to support these clients, rather than a dedicated clean tech team.

Steve connected with Ted Roosevelt IV, Managing Director in Banking and great grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, who has a long history of engagement in sustainability and environmentalism. Using their complimentary knowledge and skill sets, they founded the Clean Tech Initiative to serve these clients in the most effective way possible. Here is their story.

About Power of Two2

At Barclays, we know that the relationships we form at work can be transformative. The Power of Two2 video series was created to celebrate these important partnerships. Follow @BarclaysIB on Twitter or Barclays Investment Bank on LinkedIn to see future Power of Two2 stories.

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