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Barclays partners with Per Scholas to open their new facility in Brooklyn, New York
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Barclays is proud not only to partner with Per Scholas but to play a part in driving economic growth and social progress overall. This is not just about ensuring we’re operating with transparency and integrity, but also highlighting the humanity that sits behind finance, and the ability of financial services, and banks like Barclays, to support people in achieving their ambitions. It is about our determination to leave things better than when we found them and we know that if we partner with the best, like Per Scholas, we can make an even deeper impact in our communities.
Jes Staley, Chief Executive Officer
See how else we support access to employmentSee how else we support access to employment Learn more about our Shared Growth initiativeGet involved with Good Shepherd Services programs Find out more about Per ScholasFind out more about Per Scholas
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White House features Barclays’ partnership with Per Scholas

Per Scholas and Barclays attended the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper What Works Showcase in Washington D.C., which recognised how our partnership is helping to ensure young people can reach their full potential. See the highlights.

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