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About three years ago, Sashalla Lemond joined Barclays. She immediately looked for a way to get involved in the community here, and found her way to the Black Professionals Forum (BPF) where she met Erica Fray. These women took an immediately liking to one another, bonding over their shared Jamaican descent. As Sashalla dove into the BPF head first, she pulled Erica in with her.

Today, Sashalla chairs the Forum and Erica is the Chief Operating Officer. Over the years this dynamic duo has transformed the BPF, making it a recognised force among similar forums across Wall Street and creating positive change for their colleagues, future generations of Black financial professionals and themselves. This is their story.

At Barclays, we know that the relationships we form at work can be transformative. The “Power of Two2” video series was created to celebrate these important partnerships. Follow @BarclaysIB on Twitter or Barclays Investment Bank on LinkedIn to see future Power of Two2 stories.

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